Quicksort – recursive implementation

May 4th, 2011

For today, recursive implementation of quicksort. The important points to remember: quicksort is O(n lg n) and is not stable. Worst case is O(n*n) – pretty bad. Choice of pivot point is an issue.

void quicksortRecursive(int * a, int l, int h){
int m = (l + h) / 2;
int i = l;
int j = h ;
int p = a[m];
while (i <=j){
while (a[i] < p)
while (a[j] > p)
if (i <= j ){
int t = a[i];

if (i < h)
quicksortRecursive(a, i, h);
if (j > l)
quicksortRecursive(a, l, j);



~ by Monsi.Terdex on May 4, 2011.

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