Andoid App Idea – Superfast Mental Arithmetic With Text-to-Speech and Aerobics Routine

How often you get to do your workout in the gym or for aerobics routine? Walking around neighborhood, getting some fresh air and listening to bullshit you’d rather skip on? Doing those dishes, laundry and just staying on the subway platform thinking of doing something more important than just standing there is thinking when will it be over?

How many times you thought it’d be great if you could plug those headphones in and listen to something useful? May be some flashcards with new vocabulary? Or – better – some arithmetic sequence to compute? Let’s say Android text-to-speech robotic voice reads a sequence of positive and negative numbers to you and all you have to do is to add them all up mentally, ha? And then it pauses and tells you the answer so you can verify it for yourself? Idea, ha?

Well I just designed that app for my Android phone. Nothing fancy – just some very primitive interface but it does the job. You can vary rate of speech, the length of the gap between each next number and the count of numbers in the sequence. The computations are addition and subtraction (for now) but will include full set of arithmetic operators in very near future. Now working out on my Gazelle is really useful – it splits my brain apart.

Contact me directly if you want the app – I can’t post it here due to restrictions.


~ by Monsi.Terdex on December 14, 2012.

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