Math Workout – Compete Against the World

This time I thought to share the joy of an app I found on Google Play – Math Workout. Back when I sported an iPhone, there was a similar app called MathGym – it would play a sequence of operations you need to compute in your head and then spit out the right answer, but that was that. Math Workout allows that and much more. The ‘premium’ feature that makes Math Workout so much better is an opportunity to partake in world challenge. You are asked to answer 50 questions as quickly as possible. The questions are not part of a sequence, but that doesn’t diminish the intensity of the workout. Top performers complete 50 questions correctly in about 40 seconds – it takes me 70 on my best days.

I was ruminating on the implications of this – how really difficult it can be to master simple arithmetic? Many of us believe that being proficient in mathematics implies affinity for higher-order concepts, proves, abstractions. I believe in the opposite – it all starts with the basics. If one can’t do well in Math Workout or a similar routine – they should seriously consider improving their basic arithmetic.

The weaker of us will conclude that winners cheat – I too thought so – here is a video which actually proves it’s really possible to win in around 40 seconds.


~ by Monsi.Terdex on July 19, 2013.

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