Andoid Application: Harnessing Text-To-Speech to Create Audio Math Gym

You might have noticed that I place great premium on basic arithmetic facilities. I do genuinely believe them to be cornerstone of analyst’s competencies. This summer I am losing weight, and am faced with dozens of minutes away from computer, book or anything otherwise meaningful (so, intellectually, I am in the doldrums). Having exhausted my auditory and mental ability to withstand same musical rhythms over and over again, I finally did it – I wrote a math gym application in Java for my Andoid phone. It plays sequence of 10 random operations (addition or subtraction) on random numbers and keeps track of the sum. At the end of 10th number, it pauses and reads the correct answer for you. The idea is, while it reads the numbers, you compute them mentally and then compare your answer with the correct one. The beauty is, you don’t need to do anything with the device (doing anything with your hands while on a glider is not really comfortable). The program will start reading you next sequence and so on ad infinitum until you terminate it. There are settings to change the speed of voice.

Below is the zip file with the app and source code (it’s named HelloWorld but it’s an actual app). I really hope some dedicated Android developers will pick up on this idea and make a more solid application out of it.


~ by Monsi.Terdex on August 3, 2013.

One Response to “Andoid Application: Harnessing Text-To-Speech to Create Audio Math Gym”

  1. I read your post from a while ago about an audio math app that you’d developed. If its still available I’d love to use it.

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