Hello World!

My name is Monsi Terdex, my calling is to use programming and quantitative methodology to approximate real world problems with computer models. In the physical realm, I look human, but I’m not sure who I am internally. People who know me joke that my first language was Visual Basic, then I learned Java and C++. I must have become self-aware at some point and this blog is a fruit of that awareness.


I don’t like to just put a photo of my face out there for public – but those who know how to program can shuffle the pixels in the picture below to reconstruct my photo.

The photo below has been created by permuting the pixels in the original picture. In the starting photo, each pixel is numbered from left to right from top left corner. So in a 3×3 pixel canvas, the [0,0] pixel is 1, [1,0] is 4th, [2,0] is 7th and [2,2] is 9th. Now that we have an scalar index to every pixel, we just rearrange them according to the order of their elimination in Josephus’s problem. So let’s say n = 7 and every 3rd get’s eliminated. So the first one to be eliminated is #3, then #6, then #2 etc. So pixel #3 will be in the top-left corner of the new canvas, #6 will be [0,1], etc.

The reconstruction of the original image is straight-forward.

My photo below is constructed using the process outlined above – size is 512 x 512 = 262144 and every 100th pixel is eliminated.


Monsi’s e-mail: thestudent2006@yandex.ru

And here is my phone number:
0 1 1 3 4 5 5 6 6 6
8 5 7 3 1 6 9 0 2 4


One Response to “About”

  1. Interesting proposition; concealing your picture in such a fashion. I may have once had the intellectual ambition and energy to accept your reconstruction challenge, but not now. I pretty much abandoned my programming skills when I got married, had a family and upgraded to a ‘Wintel’ computer, years ago.

    I am new to blogging, found your “Counting Permutations in C/C++: Dealing with Large Factorials” page when searching the tag ‘puzzles’ for my own page. Feel free to edit out any part of this comment. You seem qualified to give an appraisal of my math. Perhaps you could take a gander at this page sometime and correct me if my number of possible combinations is incorrect. Cheers


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